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Am I eligible for accommodation at Privateer Place?

All UNO students, faculty and staff are eligible to apply for accommodation at Privateer Place, including research assistants and full-time, part-time, undergraduate and postgraduate students, visitng faculty and lecturer’s and full or part-time staff or faculty. We also provide accommodations for all universities in the Greater New Orleans area (Dillard University, Xavier University, Loyola University, Tulane University, Delgado Community College, Southern University of New Orleans, William Carey Nursing School, and the LSU Health Science Center). We provide housing to Oshners Medical Students and offer housing for military personnel.

Are pets allowed?

No, Privateer Place does not allow pets.

Are priorities given to particular students?

The Village hosts a diverse range of residents from all over the world and across the United States, and we see this as a true strength of our community. To ensure fairness, we don’t give preference to any group over others. Therefore we encourage all applicants to submit the relevant forms as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Our residents attend the University of New Orleans, Dillard University, Delgado Community College, Southern University New Orleans, Xavier University, Loyola University and Tulane University to name a few. We also provide Military Housing for long or short term stays for the Navy and Airforce. Many interns and medical and nursing students attending Oshners or LSU New Orleans live in our community on a long term or short term basis.

Can I choose my roommates?

If you’d like to share an apartment with a friend, please specify this on your roommate matching form. The sooner you make your application with your friend and make the request, the more likely we can place you in the same apartment. Don’t wait until late in the season, as it becomes harder for us to accommodate special requests when we have limited space remaining!

Can you help me find a roommate?

A roommate matching service is available. We also alow you to identify your roommate if you know someone you would like to live with in your apartment. You can fill out your roommate matching form here.

Do you provide Internet access?
Residents are responsible for their cable television costs & WiFi. Please contact our suggested cable and internet provider, Cox Communications, for more information.
How close is Privateer Place to the University?

Privateer Place is located on 2000 Lakeshore Drive on the UNO campus. The village is located only 3 blocks from the University Center and Library. The village is also fifteen minutes outside of the French Quarter, a major tourist destination where you’ll find restaurants, shops and more!

How long are your lease agreements?

Privateer Place offers several lease agreements. We offer full year, academic year, spring/summer, spring only, and summer only lease agreements. We can also work with you to do less than one semester leases to accomodate internship programs of different lengths. Short term leases are provided on a first come first serve basis and are limited.

I have my own furniture, can I remove yours?

You may supplement the furniture that comes in the apartment but you may not remove any of the furniture provided to you by Privateer Place. If you are interested in a non-furnished unit, there may be limited availability.

What is included in my monthly installments?

Your monthly installments cover utilities such as water, garbage, sewer and gas, and, on electricity (ALL INCLUDED!). Internet is included for UNO students, and, all residents are responsible for their cable television costs (via Cox Cable). 2 bedroom and 4 bedroom apartments also include charges for furniture package. All residents have access to on-site amenities.