apartment maintenance

Welcome home! Much care has been taken in the preparation of your unit, and  we hope you feel proud to be a resident!

Maintenance will be available to address any areas of concern about the conditions of your new home at move-in, and we will  remedy them in a timely manner. Maintenance is available 24 hours/day for emergency situations. If you need maintenance after hours, please call the RA on call. If you have non-emergency problems, submit a maintenance request via your online student portal or contact the office to put in a work order during business hours.

helpful hints and practices

Remember, this is your home, so give it a style that reflects who you are!

Remember, anything that goes up must be able to come down at the end of your stay! You will be responsible for any damages other than normal wear and tear to the unit.

We encourage you to take the blank slate you are given and make it feel like home. Keep in mind that the people you live with and interact with will be able to see what your space looks like, so decorate accordingly.

We look forward to seeing your creativity and personality shine through your personal space.


Whether you use our furniture or yours, there are many ways to make it reflect your style. Covers and throws make your unit look different, and are a great way to prevent accidents from ruining costly furniture. Table coverings and coasters prevent hard to clean water rings and stains from ruining your wood furniture. Lamps are not provided, but can help a room look cozier. Halogen lamps are not permitted due to the intense heat they give off, so be sure to check their safety warnings.

carpet and floors

An entry mat is a wonderful way to welcome guests. Choose one that reflects your style and encourages all to wipe their feet before entering. Throw rugs or area rugs are a great way to keep your floors clean and fresh. The flooring is sensitive to showing if grass or other trash is tracked in by shoes, so be sure to keep a broom handy for quick clean ups! To keep minor spills from becoming carpet disasters (this could lead to charges when you move out), act quickly when something spills or stains carpet. Accidents do happen, but a great majority of them are easily prevented if cared for within 24 hours.

First, ‘dab’ up the liquid with a dry towel, then use a towel dampened with warm water to lightly brush the area, followed by a dry towel to take care of any lasting wetness. Keep carpet cleaner on hang to help with stubborn spots. Charges for cleaning a six-month old stain are far greater than the cost of such preventive measures.

walls and doors

We suggest using small thumbtacks for pictures on the walls, but remember they leave small holes that you will need to seal upon move-out. Filling in the holes with latex caulk is a quick and easy way to fill in any holes. Any means used to fasten items to the wall must be removed to prevent charges and damage later. Please do NOT attach or stick anything to doors. Tape, stickers and tacks all cause damage to the doors.

A regular dusting of the A/C vents and all corners will prevent buildup of dust and cobwebs and keep your unit looking fresh. Dusters and light brooms are great for dusting those hard to reach places!

A/C and heat

Setting the thermostat to a steady temperature saves more energy than adjusting it up and down. Keeping the intake grill and filter clean not only keeps the unit looking nice, but also running efficiently.  The property maintenance staff is responsible for changing filters, but it is your responsibility to keep the intake grill clean and sanitary. If you feel that the unit is not working properly, shut the unit off and call for maintenance.
Do not leave windows and exterior doors open with the AC running.  This practice will cause higher than normal energy costs and ultimately result in AC failure.


The refrigerator should be cleaned out regularly. The freezer compartments must have adequate airflow to work effectively. Full freezers will not work as well as one with looser spacing around foods. About once a month, roll the refrigerator away from the wall to sweep behind it and to clean the exterior sides.

Regularly remove and clean the stove drip pans. Do NOT line the drip pans with foil. This causes uneven heat during cooking and can result in damage to the oven. Cleaning oven spills quickly will prevent the extra effort needed to clean them after they have become baked on. Do NOT use oven cleaners on any exterior surface and remember, the vent hood needs to be cleaned and dusted, too.

The dishwasher will clean much more effectively when all the dishes are rinsed clean prior to washing. Do NOT use any detergents not specifically designed for automatic dishwashers.

Use of other cleaning agents can cause foaming, flooding, or other damage to the appliance. The resident can be held responsible for damages caused by this neglect. If you see excessive foaming and dripping, call for maintenance immediately.

The garbage disposal is intended for the disposal of soft foods only. Items that should never go down your garbage disposal include: grease or oil, vegetable peels, egg shells, coffee grounds, pits or seeds, bones and rice or pasta. Foreign materials can easily damage the disposal and warrant costly replacement. Grinding a cut up lemon regularly will keep the disposal smelling fresh, and a few ice cubes will keep the blades sharp.


A clean bathroom will smell fresh and be sanitary. Do NOT use the popular toilet hanging bars in the toilet bowls— they can become dislodged and cause your toilet to clog. Backups caused by any foreign items can result in time consuming maintenance repairs, which can be charged to the resident. If a foreign object enters the toilet, please call for maintenance and tell them about the object. Maintenance discovering foreign items without being advised will result in charges. You should keep a plunger by the toilet at all times so that you can fix clogs before they cause the toilet to overflow and cause problems! There is also a shut-off valve on the wall by the toilet that can turn off the water to the toilet bowl to prevent it from  becoming a flooding situation! Please  take  these  measures  to  avoid damage to your unit. Tubs and showers are easily kept clean with regular care during weekly cleaning.

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