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why campus living villages?

your home is more than a simple bedroom

enter a living and study environment which is designed to enhance your experience at university

live, learn & grow

Not all student accommodation is created equal. All of them will give you a roof and a bed, a kitchen and a bathroom (or at least they should), but how many actually provide a genuine ‘home away from home’? That’s why Campus Living Villages was created - we provide you with more than the functional requirements of a living space; we give you a place to live, learn and grow.

our teams

There's common factor throughout every one of our villages: a team of close-knit people, working together every day to make your home comfortable, safe and fun. All our teams have a family-oriented approach; they're there to help, support and guide you whenever you need. They put their heart and soul into everything they do, starting with taking care of your home, just for you.

your experience

Enjoy a home designed around your needs... Our residents have quiet spaces to study; they can relax on comfortable sofas; play on an X-box in their spare time; work out in an onsite gym. Some of them even get to play musical instruments in their own soundproofed rooms. We consider your needs and do all we can to meet them.

a homely touch...

Discover an exciting new world of student living that fits in with your lifestyle, studies and commitments. Our villages have everything you need for your time at university, from stylish bedroom options to quiet study zones. Take time out with your friends in our social spaces or chill out in your bedroom and unwind. It's your home to enjoy and make your own.

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