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give in to your wanderlust with go explore!

go explore is the opportunity of a lifetime!


Booked your room with us?
Then you can stay in any one of our global accommodations, absolutely free, for up to two weeks!
Better yet, thanks to our partners Phoenix Travel, you can benefit from huge discounts on your travel worldwide.

So if you fancy summer in Sydney or Christmas in California, Go Explore is your passport to it all…

  • let us know where you want to stay, either in the UK or abroad
  • let us know the dates you want to visit (2 weeks maximum)
  • book your transport
  • pack
  • go exploring!!

…and look forward to your home away from home, with Go Explore!

To apply for a room, fill in the application form or speak with the team at reception.

Popular routes from Phoenix Travel include:

Perth – Return From £599.00
Sydney – Return From £595.00
Auckland – Return From £630.00

New York – Return From £399.00
San Francisco –Return From £598.00
Los Angeles – Return From £498.00
St Louis – Return From £554.00
Dallas – Return From £601.00

Hong Kong – Return From £448.00

Please note all prices are subject to availability, please call Phoenix travel on 0161 772 7998 to discuss all your travel requirements.


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