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Am I allowed to bring a television?

Yes, you’re more than welcome to bring your own television. Don’t forget that you’ll need to buy your own television licence, so have a quick read of the information here first. It’s worth checking that you can receive a good reception before buying your licence and installing your TV. That way, you won’t be out of pocket if you find that you’re unhappy with the quality of the picture.

Can I bring a pet?

As much as we love cuddly, furry animals, there’s a strict ‘no pets’ policy at all our villages at the moment. This includes every type of pet, from goldfish and birds to cats and dogs. This excludes guide or hearing dogs.

Can I choose the people I live with?

All applications and room allocations are handled by Bournemouth University so we’re not directly involved in deciding which students can live together.

We do work with the University, as well as yourself, to make sure that you can settle into your new home as quickly as possible. That means, regardless of who you’re living with, our team is ready and waiting to make you feel welcome and to look after you from the moment you arrive.

Do I have to pay anything prior to moving in?

There’s a lot to think about when moving to your University. We like to keep things simple – so you can plan for your costs and keep track of your finances more easily.

Visit Bournemouth’s University’s Payment Information page to find out all you need.

Does the rent cover utilities and insurance?

Simple is our aim! When you stay at the Village you don’t need to think about bills. Your rent includes all water, gas and electricity bills. It also includes internet access and insurance cover for up to £3,500. We make sure there are no hidden costs, so you can budget more effectively.

Find out more at My Village Guide.

How can I find out who I am living with?

We can’t give you your flatmates’ names and personal details (they can do that when you meet them) but you can begin making new friends by joining our official Facebook group, Bournemouth University Village.

How is the Village Life different to private rental accommodation?

Private housing is great if you want to pay extra bills on top of your rent and if you enjoy the pressure of dealing with household issues without any support. Life in our Village is far more fun, less stressful and has greater benefits for your studies.

We offer an independent living experience in affordable accommodation, just minutes away from classes, at one inclusive rate! At the same time, we ensure support is available 24 hours a day and offer a fantastic Res Life programme so you’re never bored or lonely. You get the freedom to live your life within an exciting student community at a budget that suits your needs. What could possibly beat that?

If I want to bring a car, is it possible to park at the accommodation?

Unfortunately, we don’t have car parking available at the Village. On move-in day, you can find out more by visiting My Village Guide.

What happens if I leave the accommodation before the contract has ended?

A contract is a legally binding document and it’s important to understand everything you’re agreeing to – including what happens if permanently leave the Village before your agreed end date.

Once you sign up for your contract, you’ll still be liable for the full term of the contract if you have to leave. That means you’ll still have to pay your full rent, but it’s not all bad news… it may be possible to release you from your contract if you are able to find a suitable replacement for your room.

Please feel free to speak to us before making any decision to leave. We may be able to give you a few tips on how to find a replacement for your room, based on how other students have achieved this in the past, or give you further advice about your contract. It’s definitely worth having a chat so speak to us first as we’re always here to listen, help and offer advice.

What household items do I need to bring with me?

Visit My Village Guide to see what’s already in the room when you arrive and what we advise for you to bring. You can also shop for essentials by visiting our Village Shop.

When can I move in?

At our Bournemouth villages the check in slots are booked via Bournemouth University.

Who is responsible for cleaning the rooms and flats?

Cleaning is unfortunately a part of life and it needs to be done. You are responsible for cleaning your bedroom and, along with your flatmates, cleaning the communal areas.

Sharing the cleaning means that everyone is happy and people always have a clean kitchen to cook dinner in, so we suggest you create a cleaning rota with your flatmates soon after you all move in. The longer you leave it, the more mess there will be to clean up!

Will I have to pay Council Tax?

Great news… in the UK, students are currently exempt from Council Tax so that’s one less cost to worry about. That said, if you finish your time as a student and don’t immediately leave, you will be liable for Council Tax if it becomes due. Read more here.