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How much is the weekly rent and what does it include?

The rent will vary depending on what room you select. What’s included?

  • All your utility bills – water, electricity and heating
  • Contents insurance to cover your belongings
  • Free in room Wi-Fi
  • On-site maintenance and management support team
  • 24 hour security and CCTV
  • On-site gym
What happens if I can't pay my rent?

Please make sure you view the payment plan before accepting your room to make sure that you will have sufficient funds to support yourself whilst at university. If you find yourself in financial difficulty we urge you to come and speak to us as soon as possible, so that we can discuss your issues and put you in touch with the appropriate support. We take non-payment of rent seriously and if left unattended can lead to eviction from the premises.

What happens if I need to leave the accommodation before the contract has ended?

The contract is for a minimum of 42 or 50 weeks, depending on your contract. If you leave early you will still be liable for rent for the life for the agreement. It may be possible to release you from your contract if we are able to find a suitable replacement for your room.

Will I have to pay Council Tax?

In the UK students are currently exempt from Council Tax. Any person who ceases to be a student but does not immediately leave would be liable for Council Tax if it becomes due.

For more information, please click here.

Is it possible to share a flat with my friends?

Yes, you have the option to search for roommates and invite them to share a flat with you or you can accept a random selection based on you profile.

Please note that roommate requests, and all selectable housing options, must be mutual to be honoured. While we try to accommodate preferences, not all requests can be honoured.

Is it possible to choose my room?

You have a chance to select a room that works for you from our available beds. Whilst we will do all we can to offer you the room of your choice we do retain the right to offer an alternative equivalent room for general administrative purposes.

How do I apply for accommodation?

You can apply online for accommodation via our portal. You will need you student ID to apply, this can be found on your University offer letter.

After applying, when will I be offered a room?

Your application will be processed when you have met all the conditions outlined in your University offer letter. You will then have seven days to accept the accommodation we have offered. This will be done on a first come, first served basis. Please note we do not guarantee that all applicants will be offered a room.

Do you have a catering service?

Each apartment includes a self contained kitchen; therefore we do not provide catering services. Catering facilities are available on the University campus.

Will I have to sign a contract?

You will need to sign a contract/Licence Agreement for a minimum of 42 weeks. This is a legally binding document. We do not offer short-term contracts but 50 week contracts are available. Please contact the accommodation office if you would like to stay for longer.

Will my deposit be refunded if I cancel my booking prior to my arrival?

If you would like to cancel your booking before arriving at the Student Village, you will need to inform us in writing. We will return the security deposit to you in full as long as we can re-contract your room. If we cannot re-contract your room immediately you are still liable for charges until we do so. As we would have incurred administration costs, we would be unable to return the  administration fee.

What happens if I leave the accomodation before the contract has ended?

The contract is for a minimum of 42 or 50 weeks and if you leave early you will still be liable for the full term of the contract. It may be possible to release you from your contract if we are able to find a suitable replacement for your room.

Do you offer accommodation for couples or families?

We only have single rooms available, so therefore are unable to offer accommodation for couples or families.

When can I move in?

There will be set dates and times when you will be able to collect your keys, available to view at My Village Guide. Accommodation will be available before the start of your course in September. Details will be provided to you once your offer has been accepted.

Am I allowed to bring a television?

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your own television. You would also need to buy your own television licence. Information on this can be found at www.tvlicensing.co.uk. However, you may wish to check that you can receive a valid reception before buying your licence and installing your TV.

IPTV is available in all halls. Residents can access this service for a small additional charge.

What household items do I need to bring with me?

Visit My Village Guide to see what’s already in the room when you arrive and what we advise for you to bring.

If I want to bring a car, is it possible to park at the accommodation?

Take a visit to My Village Guide to see where you can park and how you can drop of your belongings.

Is it possible to change rooms if I am not happy?

This will be looked at on an individual basis and will depend on availability and the reasons for the request. Depending on the reason for a transfer, Room Moves/Swaps may be subject to an administration fee. Transfers can not take place between Fitzroy and Wenlock Courts and other properties in the Village.

A resident being happy in our accommodation is extremely important to use at the Village and we work with residents to solve any issues or concerns.

Are there any laundry facilities?

All accommodation has either a coin-operated laundry room on-site or access to nearby facilities in other halls.

Can I bring my pet?

Sorry, due to health and safety reasons no pets are allowed in University accommodation.

Who is responsible for cleaning?

You will be expected to clean your bedroom and the communal areas of your flat. We would suggest you create a cleaning rota with your flatmates when you arrive.

Are personal belongings in my room insured?

Contents insurance from Endsleigh Insurance is included in your weekly rent. This includes personal items such as laptops etc. Full details of this policy will be provided on arrival and you can find out more by visiting My Village Guide.

Are friends and family allowed to visit?

You can have a guest in your room for a maximum of two days. All guests must register with reception on arrival for safety reasons.

What security is available at the accommodation?

You will be provided with a swipe card for your flat. 24-hour roaming security is available at all our accommodation.

Is the accommodation only available for my first year?

Unlike some other universities, you can apply for accommodation at the Student Village each year you are at the University. We have even got some exciting incentives to keep you coming back and we’ll let you know when you are able to re-apply. Just so you know… Rooms are not guaranteed to all applicants due to the high demand for accommodation in Luton

Does the Village run social events for residents?


Choosing where to call home when you’re at university is about more than just renting a room. It’s about somewhere to make new friends, to have new experiences and, importantly, a place to create memories that will stay with you for years.

That’s why we’ve created Village Life, a programme packed with events and activities that will help you settle in and meet new friends. Welcome BBQs, retro games nights, cookery demos and more: we have a variety of events taking place which appeal to as many of our residents as possible.

Visit My Village Guide to see what’s happening in the Village.

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