meet the staff

meet the team

Our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year and work hard to provide you with academic support, facilities maintenance, events and advice. Our team have been carefully selected based on the their skill-set, qualifications and passion for young people. The years you spend at university will undoubtedly be some of the most memorable and we will make sure that you have the experience of a lifetime here at UC Accommodation.

who we are

Nicolas Cowie

General Manager

Nick’s primary objective with the University of Canterbury Village is to ensure that all residents remain focused on their academic goals while enjoying the vibrant and diverse lifestyle that the Village has to offer. You’ll find Nick moving between Uni Hall, Sonoda and Ilam Apartments to ensure the smooth running of each site, and to make sure that all residents are getting the on-campus experience they deserve while completing their studies.

Anna Williams

Village Manager

Anna is here to help you settle in and make your stay as comfortable as it can be. She oversees all pastoral care matters within the Village, and her primary objective is to make sure everyone feels welcome. Her door is always open, so come and say hi!

Lesa Devcich

Housekeeping Manager

Lesa is in charge of everything to do with cleaning and housekeeping at the Village. She manages the team of cleaners that make sure your apartment and common areas are clean and tidy. Make sure you say hello, she is always around!

Laura Dunstan

Community Manager

Laura is in charge of the pastoral care of all residents who choose to stay at Ilam Apartments. She oversees the Residential Life Officer and Social Space Manager to ensure that all residents are taken care of and feel comfortable during their stay at Ilam. If you have any questions or concerns with your accommodation, or you just need someone to chat to, come and say hello to Laura!

John Liddell

Senior Evening Services Coordinator

John is the permanent staff member to go to for assistance outside of regular Reception hours. If you’re locked out of your room, you have a noise complaint, or if there is an emergency, John is there to respond. At the Village you are never without help if you need it, and John is there to assist with any and all of your requests or concerns. Make sure you say hello!

Natasha Pinkney

Residential Life Officer

Tash is in charge of all things fun at Ilam. Her primary role is to head the Resident Association and brainstorm new and unique events and parties to throw for the residents. She also mans the official Facebook group at UCA and can answer any and all of your questions there. Make sure you sign up to the page, because she’s always posting competitions and giving away prizes!

Barb Fletcher

Residential Services Officer

Barb runs a tight ship behind the scenes at Ilam Apartments, keeping everything in order behind the Reception desk! Her duties involve administration, customer service and pastoral care of the residents. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your stay at Ilam, make sure you bring them to Barb, she’ll sort it out!

Richard Sibbald


Richard is the man behind the scenes when it comes to all financial matters with the Village. He’s just one of the very many friendly faces you’ll see at Uni Hall reception, so make sure you come and say hello!

Rachel Johnson

Accommodation Manager

You might be seeing Rachel’s emails long before you meet her in person! She is responsible for the nitty-gritty details of your stay at the Village. Her primary responsibilities are to handle all contracts and financial accounts of the residents living in the Village, so if you have any concerns or queries about your contract or the Village rules come and ask her! Her door is always open.