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student accommodation in the united kingdom

With over 12,000 beds across the UK we are one of the largest providers of student accommodation in the UK. We work hand-in-hand with University partners to develop comfortable, stylish and affordable living options that go beyond the original remit for student accommodation.

Live as part of an exciting student community, in flats, studios and bedrooms designed wholly for your lifestyle, needs and studies.

village life

Choosing where to call home when you’re at university is about more than just renting a room. It’s about somewhere to make new friends, to have new experiences and, importantly, a place to create memories that will stay with you for years. That’s why we’ve created Village Life, a programme packed with events and activities that will help you settle in and meet new friends. Welcome BBQs, retro games nights, cookery demos and more: we have a variety of events taking place which appeal to as many of our residents as possible.

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go explore...

Want to travel the world? With our unique 'go explore' product you can experience a free, two week stay at another village in Australia, United States, New Zealand or the UK. Where do you want to go? Start planning your journey now...

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it's making memories...

Ready to have some fun? With a series of events and activities throughout the year, you can make new friends, catch up with old ones and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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