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We are looking for talented blog contributors with a flair for expressing the uni-student *~lifestyle~* and a hunger for memes that make you go:

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what do you get?

If you’re keen on building your portfolio of published works, or even if you just want a place to flex your writing muscles, this is where to do it.

  • Your published work will be featured on our blog and will be viewed globally.
  • Every blog we publish gets shared to our 20 established Facebook business pages across Australia, so you will receive huge national exposure.
  • Feel free to link to these URL’s in your CV when applying for jobs.
  • If you become a frequent contributor to the blog you may request a reference for your work and contribution to content creation in the area of university student lifestyle.

sshhhhh, I know. 

what we publish

Currently we are publishing across five categories:

campus life

Social trends, human behaviour, events, activities, societies, food pricing, stores, student services. Anything to do with campus!

food & drink

If you can sniff out an epic student deal, or you’ve got advice on how to better budget on food as a student, you’re blog is golden intel.


Pretty self-explanatory. Got study tips? Have advice on how to manage stress better? We want to know.

my career

Perspectives on life after uni. Anything that helps uni students get better prepared for finding a job in their field, nailing that job interview, or sprucing up the resume.


Anything to do with the lifestyle and culture of modern university students. This is a broad topic, so go nuts.

what we won’t publish

Articles/blogs that are:

Overly self-promotional in nature (we will run a small bio for each author).

Encourages people to do things that are illegal, harmful, or goes against our code of conduct.

Irrelevant to university students. We welcome all kinds of perspectives and experiences to share with students, but we won’t publish “my review of the iPhone7”.

how we write

You don’t have to be the voice of your generation, nor do you need to have a PhD in English literature. We just want bloggers who understand the lifestyle, struggles and social issues that impact modern university students studying in Australia! Our blog is:

  • Sharp and well-informed
  • Meme-tastic
  • Between 500-1000 words
  • Light in tone but genuine in it’s content (meaning: it’s okay to speak seriously on a serious subject)
  • Informal and friendly. Personal pronouns (I, me) are welcome.

You can write about whatever you want, as long as it is relevant to the every-day uni student. Capisce?


get started!

the process of writing for us

We want to capture your voice as much as possible, so please only submit finished works. We don’t need you to ‘pitch’ your blog/article, we will simply read through your submission, and if we like what we see we will publish it! Here’s how it works:

  • Submit your blog and details in this form (please make sure your blog is between 500-1000 words).
  • Our editor will read your submission and reach out to you for extra information if needed.
  • Once your blog has been published to our global platform it will also be shared across 20 business Facebook pages which students and parents from all over the country will read.
  • You can submit as many blogs/articles that you like.

Get writing! If you have any questions you can contact our editor directly at


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