Rent and Finance

When is my rent due?

Rent is processed fortnightly on Wednesdays. The first fortnightly payment begins on the 14th February 2018. If you would like a copy of the rent schedule please email

What do I get for my rent?

Besides your apartment, you have access to all the communal facilities: Swimming pool, lounge areas, rec room, study lounges and more! You are also able to participate in our events program free of charge.
All your utility bills are paid: water, heating, gas and electricity.

Rental Payments

Please contact the Village Admin team for all your queries. They will be glad to help. You can contact them by either emailing or call 02 8024 6030

What are my financial responsibilities?

The contract you’ve signed is a legally binding fixed-term Residential Agreement. This commits you to pay for your room for the length of your contract. Non-payment could lead to eviction, which could lead to difficulties in borrowing money or renting later in life.

If you find it difficult to pay, come and talk to us. We understand that balancing student finances can be tough, but we can help.


Handy Tips

Managing your finances

•Make a monthly budget and try to stick to it
•If you overspend on something, don’t lie to yourself. Try to recover by spending less on other things
•Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. There are advice services at the University and your Village Team can help too
•Please avoid taking out loans, as many have high interest rates and you will only increase the amount you need to pay back
•Find a part-time job. Many offer flexible hours that you can fit between lectures and seminars.
•Pay rent and bills (mobile phone, TV license) on time. Delaying these bills may result in you getting into debt

Saving money

•Go for one big supermarket shop a week rather than getting bits and pieces from expensive corner shops
•Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry
•Go shopping in places where they offer student discounts. You can save a lot by showing your student ID
•Cook with your flat mates whenever you can. Often you’ll be cooking too much for one person and this way you can split the cost of groceries. Plus, it’s a fantastic way of socialising with your roomies
•When you go out, take a limited amount of cash with you and leave your card at home. This will stop you from overspending
•If you like shopping at a particular chain, try to get a job there! Many offer significant discounts for employees
•If you really need to buy books, look for older or electronic editions
•Find fun things to do for free. We’ve got lots of activities in the Village for you to enjoy through our Residential Life programme. Check out what’s going on in your Village by visiting