Want somebody to stop over?

You can have a guest stay with you for a maximum of two nights in any seven-day period.
They must be signed in at Reception and you have to be with them all the time they are in your building. And if you are sharing, check that it’s ok with your roommate first – it’s only fair.

How do I keep warm in my room?

The heater in your room works on a one-hour timer – if the switch isn’t near the heater, you’ll find it in your desk area.
Don’t put anything on your heater! Nothing wet, as it’s a fire hazard.

How do I get things fixed?

Something broken or not working? No problem. Give us as much detail as you can and we’ll fix it as soon as we can.

If it’s anything like:
•Broken doors
•Electricity went off
… then go down to Reception and let them know – and fast! If it’s not that urgent, submit a form via the portal.


What can I plug in?

Small electrical items are perfectly ok in your room.

Keep any appliances you have in good condition so that they meet safety regulations – and making sure they comply with Australian standards is your responsibility.

No hotplates, fridges, air conditioners or electric/fan heaters, please!  Any appliances we provide are tested annually to make sure they’re safe.

What if I want to go away?

All we ask is that you:
•Switch off all your electrical gear – except your fridge or freezer
•Don’t leave any valuables in your room
•Make sure your door is locked as you leave
•Please tell Reception if you’re going to be away for more than 48 hours – we don’t want to be sending out a search party to look for you

What if I have a problem with my room?

Whatever it is, we’ll do our best to sort it.
If you want to move to another room and there’s one available, we can do that – but there may be a fee.
And if you move to a room with a higher rent, you will be asked to pay the balance. Complete a room move request form and we will do our best to ensure you are comfortable.