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Have questions? Ask us! Our dedicated on-site team is committed to helping you settle in to uni life. Whether it's the middle of the day or middle of the night, there is always someone around to talk to.

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Michael Lynch

General Manager

Michael is passionate about making Village life the vibrant and diverse environment that on-campus living ought to be. He is a seasoned Melbourne local, and knows the Village like the back of his hand. Michael oversees all operations at RMIT Village to ensure that your stay is comfortable, safe and above all, fun.

Sean Fitzgerald

Village Manager

Sean is the man you’ll see out and about, meeting new residents and making sure that Village life is a well-oiled machine! He is responsible for managing the permanent staff members at the Village, and making sure that your questions are answered, your lights are on, your parties are fun and your study is uninterrupted. Come to Sean if you’ve got any questions, or if you just want to chat with a friendly face!

Kimberley Tippetts

Residential Life Duty Manager

Kimberley is in charge of all those fun activities you will be attending at RMIT Village! You will see her around meeting residents, running the events and she hand picks your team of friendly RAs to make your experience here as memorable as possible! She always up for a quick chat!

Aviva Basger

Administration and Contracting Coordinator

Aviva is in charge of the nitty-gritty details of your contract at the Village. If you're a newbie you've probably received an email or two from her! She is here to answer any and all of your questions regarding your contract, so if you need to know something come and say hello!

David Montgomery

Facilities Manager

If it’s broken, damaged or simply not working, contact David via the Fix-it-Request and he will arrange for a maintenance officer or contractor to attend and fix. It is his job to maintain the property at RMIT Village and ensure you are living in a clean comfortable and safe environment.

Gary Guo

Village Accountant

Gary is the resident-bean-counter! He has 18 years-experience in accounting and finance within various industries in Melbourne and China. Come to Gary for any financial assistance you may need, or just stop by to say hi!

Adrian Geddes

Evening Duty Manager

Adrian is your man for all after-hours questions or concerns. Lost your room key? No worries, he is on during the late evening in the unlikely event of an emergency or if you just need someone to chat to. You’ll get to know Adrian well over your stay here, so make sure you come and say hello!

Martin Le

Property Services Coordinator

If it's broken, damaged or simply not working, contact Martin via the Fix-it-Request. it is his job to maintain the property at RMIT Village and ensure you are living in a clean, comfortable and safe environment.

Ashlee Smith

Duty Manager

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